Highway toll France

In France, as in Croatia or Italy is payment for use in highway speed toll gates that are on these types of communications deployed. Given the nature of these toll gates being paid of course by the distance traveled along the highway. The amount of toll fees of around 9 per 100 km which could be due to the size of France included in the group of countries with more expensive highway fees. As already mentioned, France is a relatively large state and on the way to or krz recommend it rather than choose an alternative route for the highway to pay more taxes.

Where in France to pay tolls?

  • Price for moved distance about 9 EUR / 100 Km
  • Payment is at toll gates
  • More information on AutoRoutes.fr
  • Info about Eurotunel on eurotunnel.com

Toll motorways in France

* Paid sections of roads are marked in green / zoom /