Highway toll Ireland

In Ireland, for charging for motorways do not use the classic vignette as is customary in the Czech Republic, but values for individual sections of the cash collected at toll gates. If you're among those who travel to Ireland is good to note that in this country not only for the passage of a highway, but often also for certain crossing bridges and tunnels in particular - as in England. Huge advantage for all tourists is the fact that information on prices and toll fees for the various sections are clearly written on the official website nra.ie where in case of doubt the English will find all necessary information, including also contact the administrator of the highway segment or bridge.

Prices for the passage of highways and bridges in Ireland

section / vehiclemotorcyclecar
M 11 EUR1,9 EUR
M 30,7 EUR1,3 EUR
M 41,5 EUR2,9 EUR
M 7, M 80,9 EUR1,8 EUR
M 50-3 EUR
N 6, N 8, N 251 EUR1,9 EUR
East Link Toll Bridge-1,7 EUR
Limerick Tunnel0,9 EUR1,8 EUR

Dublin Port Tunnel

Mon-Fri: 6-16 a 19-22 6 EUR-
Mon-Fri: 16-19 12 EUR-
Mon-Fri: 22-6 3 EUR3 EUR
Sat-Sun3 EUR3 EUR
Mon-Fri: 6-10 -12 EUR
Mon-Fri: 10-22 -6 EUR

Charges in Ireland

  • Payment of toll fees in cash (except M 50)
  • The M 50 payment through credit system eFlow - payzone.ie
  • Official information and prices for trucks nra.ie

Map motorway sections