Highway toll Italy

In Italy, as well as in neighboring countries, drivers are forced to pay for use of expressways tolls. Toll charges are in Italy, like France, Spain and Croatia collected at toll gates and so when traveling to these countries do not need to hunt or buy a valid vignette. Payment for use of motorways in Italy in southern Europe, the most popular toll gates, where drivers pay the transit fee directly proportional to the distance offended by this type of communication. The amount of toll charges in this country reaches average values of 5.5 euros per 100 km which is due to charge prices in neighboring countries is relatively friendly.

Where in Italy to pay tolls?

  • Price for moved distance about 5,5 EUR / 100 Km
  • Payment is at toll gates
  • More information on AutoStrade.it

Highway tolling of Italy

* Paid sections of roads are marked in green / zoom /