Highway toll Macedonia

In Macedonia, as in many other countries in Europe are charging for highway use in the payment of toll gates. Due to this fact is not necessary for entrance into Macedonia difficult to raise vignette, after passing through the toll gate drivers settled fee for crossing the highway as well as mileage or projetйho section. The main part of the toll road is the section between the cities Gradsko, Skopje, Kumanovo and Gostivar. If your path does not cross the whole of the paid departments and want to save on fees can of course try to use some of the alternative routes and travel around the charging zone. This move, however, recommend that only experienced travelers when traveling to Macedonia for the first time we recommend using the fast motorways.

Prices for the highway in Macedonia

Division / vehicle motorcycle / car van / vehicle with more than 2 axles and height up to 1,3m over first axle
Kumanovo - Miladinovci60 MKD80 MKD
Skopje - Petrovec40 MKD50 MKD
Petrovec - Veles80 MKD120 MKD
Vels - Gradsko60 MKD100 MKD
Skopje - Miladinovci40 MKD60 MKD
Tetovo - Gostivar30 MKD40 MKD
Tetovo - Skopje40 MKD60 MKD

Charges in Makednoii

Map motorway sections