Highway toll Serbia

If you are going to pass through Serbia, surely you're interested in which sections of highway are charged a fee for transit. Among one of the most essential sections are paid by highway E70 and marking the course, several other associated roads. Payment for the paid sections of the passage takes place at the toll gates, you can use an electronic system with prepayment and subsequent cash payments for passing the section. Passage of a highway is burdened relatively reasonable fee which amounts to the average values of 5 - 6 per 100 km. Further information, including maps zakreslenнm paid highways can be found below on this page. We hope that this information will be used to reach neighboring states of Serbia and helpful.

Charges in Serbia

  • Approximate price of approximately 5 - 6 EUR / 100 Km
  • Cost per distance traveled
  • Payment at toll gates
  • In some places accepted credit cards
  • Electronic toll collection (ETC) available
  • More information on putevi-srbije.rs

Highway with road toll

Toll gate map in Serbia is here.

* Paid sections of roads are marked in green / after approach /