Highway toll England

In England they are charged not only some sections of expressways and highways, but also the passage of selected bridges and tunnels, not only in London but also in other places in England. And if you are going to travel to the UK and want to save as much as possible on the tolls, we recommend that given the complexity of inequality respectively toll road sections in advance and consider carefully plan the best route. For convenience, we wrote a few staple of toll sections to the table on this page. If you are in spite of the information contained here in discrepancies, we recommend visiting one of the official website of highways and bridges and tunnels, including the Channel Tunnel in England.

Prices for the M6 motorway crossing

Time / vehicle motorcycle car trailer Bus / TIR
Mon - Fri
6:00 to 23:00
£3.30 £5.50 £10.00 £11.00
Sat - Sun
6:00 to 23:00
£2.80 £4.80 £8.60 £9.60
23:00 to 6:00
£1.80 £3.80 £6.60 £8.60

Fees in England

  • Payment at toll gates
  • Payment in cash or by credit card
  • Tunnels and bridges around £0.5 - £2
  • Restrictions on entry to London for large vehicles - Low Emission Zone
  • Info about M6 m6toll.co.uk
  • Info for travel to London tfl.gov.uk
  • Info about Eurotunnel eurotunnel.com

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