Vignette, highway toll Austria

In transit highways in Austria are obliged to pay a vignette not only car drivers but also drivers of motorcycles for which the mark is compared with cars up to 3.5 t half. Highway stickers are sold in Austria for a period of 10 days, 2 months and one year. Everyone who wants to save up towards Austria and do not want to spend money for tolls they may choose one of the alternative ways in which planning will certainly help map reproduced on this site. Highway stickers can be purchased at the usual places like gas station or exchange office.

Prices highway signs in Austria in 2017

Time / Weight Motorcycles to 3.5 t
10 days 5.1 EUR 8.9 EUR
2 months 13.0 EUR 25.9 EUR
Annual 34.4 EUR 86.4 EUR

Roads with special toll

In addition to the fee for the expressway is a toll of some sections, such as bridges or tunnels can be charged an additional fee. The amount of toll according to the number of persons in the vehicle. For more information visit the official web site.

  • A 9 - Spital/Pyhrn – Ardning
  • A 9 - St. Michael – Übelbach
  • A 10 - Flachau – Rennweg
  • A 11 - St. Jakob – Karavanke
  • A 13 - Innsbruck – Brenner
  • S 16 - St. Anton – Langen

Where to buy Austrian vignette?

  • Petrol pumps
  • UAMK - Yellow Angel
  • Branches Cash Point
  • Some establishments ABA
  • Foreign exchange

Highway to tolling in Austria