Vignette, highway toll Switzerland

In Switzerland, the sale of highway stamps in a way atypical. The main differences from other countries is mainly because in Switzerland you can buy only highway signs indicating an annual, their validity is from early December until the end of January. Given the opportunity to purchase only small annual stamp and effectiveness of district roads and detours are buying Swiss vignettes unpleasant charges when traveling on highways in this country. The annual toll sticker can be purchased in Switzerland near the border crossings at gas stations or post offices. Swiss vignettes are valid from 1.12. previous year to January 31 year following the date marks the annual toll sticker then pays a total of 14 months.

Prices of highway signs of Switzerland 2017

Time / Weight to 3.5 t
Annual 40 CHF

Fees for transit tunnels *

  • Großer St. Bernhard from €27,90
  • Munt la Schera from €42
  • * prices for one way with passenger car

Where to buy a Swiss motorway sticker?

  • Petrol pumps
  • Border crossings
  • UAMK - Yellow Angel
  • Branches Cash Point
  • Some establishments ABA
  • Post

Switzerland highway map