Vignettes and Highway toll in Europe

You are on the website of highway signs, prices for 2018 year. This site was launched mainly due to lack of comprehensive information about prices and toll sections of roads, highways, bridges and tunnels in busy places in Europe. When designing this site was a main emphasis on easy and quick orientation on the site. Web was created in cooperation with the compiler sentences - překladač.net, which features online translations were free to obtain information about the marks used.

Below on this page is comprehensive list of frequently visited countries in Europe, which is added for easy orientation flag. The links of individual countries are hiding many sought data on prices, highway signs, fees and tolls for passage through the tunnel or highway section. Prices and trade taxes for individual states are accompanied by maps and paid sections of highways. Newly bring the route planner with a map showing the route highlighting paid sections. We hope that the content of these sites could facilitate the movement of the European highways and roads and to enhance your trip.

Highway vignettes in EU

Vignette Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The CR is the toll motorway sections. Cars use the classic vignette.

Vignette Slovakia


Passage of the Slovakian highways for cars and TIR with confirmed highway sign.

Vignette Slovenia


Fees for the Slovenian motorway are relatively expensive but you can avoid them.

Vignette Austria


In Austria, the passage of the highway charged for both cars and motorcycles.

Vignette Switzerland


Swiss mark the passage of a highway in annual sales only valid for 14 months for price of 40 CHF.

Vignette Hungary


In Hungary, the fees collected for the highway selling classic highway signs, and the TIR.

Vignette Bulgaria


The transit highways in Bulgaria should be in the size of car to buy a valid trademark.

Vignette Romania


Passage sections of motorways and expressways in Romania is a charge for a classic highway sign.

Highway toll in EU

Highway toll Croatia


Croatia is burdened with the passage of quality motorway toll fees charged at the gates.

Highway toll France


In France, charges are levied on motorways crossing the toll gates. More info here.

Highway toll Italy


In Italy, the transit fees paid by highway section in the classical drive thru toll gates.

Highway toll Spain


Spain is a transit highway taxes are relatively high. More information here.

Highway toll Norway


In Norway, are charged not only highways, but also crossing bridges and tunnels.

Highway toll Germany


Passage of a highway in Germany for passenger cars for free. Cars above 12t toll.

Highway toll Poland


In Poland, transit charges are paid in some sections of expressways.

Highway toll Serbia


In Serbia charges are charged according to distance traveled the highways.

Highway toll United Kingdom

United Kingdom

In England, only pay for the passage of some highways, but also for the passage of bridges.

Highway toll Portugal


In Portugal as in Spain charged the passage of certain sections of highways.

Highway toll Greece


Greece is particularly popular with tourists as a state in which the toll is collected by projetého section.

Highway toll Ireland


Going to travel to Ireland? Here is an overview of highway taxes, including links to official sites.

Highway toll Macedonia


If you are traveling into or through Macedonia awaits you pay for crossing motorways in cash at gates.

Highway toll Turkey


In Turkey, passing through the area charges for the highway is likely to avoid it.

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