Highway toll Poland

The great advantage of motorways in Poland is that they are charged only certain stretches of highway. While driving this relatively large country, therefore no need to purchase expensive and often uneconomic vignette. Charging for selected highway sections is done in a way toll gates which are to be paid in both local currency and U.S. dollar and the euro, of course, in busy areas to pay for transit is possible to use a credit card. In Poland this way charged the highway A1, A2 and A4 with prices that vary according to size of vehicle weight, respectively. The most commonly used categories of cars and prices for the passage of the sections can be found in the table below.

Prices paid for journeys in Poland

For toll prices and calculation please visit webpages from this weblinks A1, A2, A4, A2/A4 2. part.

Toll roads for vehicles weighing up to 3,5t

The location of the toll gates is for information only. For the calculation of the price for the weird section we recommend use links below.

  • A1: Rusocin (Gdaňsk) - Nowa Wieś (Toruň)
  • A2: Świecko (PL/DE) - Lodž
  • A4: Wroclaw - Kraków

Charges in Poland

Poland highway map