Vignette, highway toll Hungary

If you are planning to travel to Hungary, believe that the way you have several highways and ring roads to travel significantly faster and easier. Highway, of course, do not free and therefore especially well collected in Hungary in terms of the sale of highway stamps fees for using these expressways. In Hungary and especially at gas stations and border crossings around the opportunity to buy a vignette of Hungary in three different lengths of validity. Stamps are sold for cars above 3.5 and 12 tons in price depending on the length of validity and weight. Annual stamps are valid from January 1 to January 31 next year.

Prices highway signs in Hungary in 2017

Time / Weightcars up to 3.5 tons and seating capacity for up to 7 personstrucks up to 3.5 tons, or vehicles up to 3,5t with seating capacity for over 7 personsbusestrailers for trucks and buses
Weekly *2 975 HUF5 950 HUF13 385 HUF2 975 HUF
Monthly4 780 HUF9 560 HUF21 975 HUF4 780 HUF
Annual42 980 HUF42 980 HUF199 975 HUF42 980 HUF

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Purchase Hungarian stamps from home via Internet

If you are going to travel to Hungary and plan to purchase vignettes, I recommend for calmer path stamp buy online on the official website or on the (with service charge)

Points of sale

  • Border crossings
  • Petrol pumps
  • UAMK - Yellow Angel
  • Some establishments ABA
  • Official info

Toll motorways in Hungary