Vignette, highway toll Slovenia

Slovenia is located on a relatively large number of toll motorway sections for the crossing must be a valid vignette. Given the fact that Slovenia vignettes sold as of 7 days, 1 month and the year, tourists are often forced to buy a monthly vignette which is due to periods of leave within 14 days of very inefficient. The problem with unsatisfactory length of highway signs can be solved by replacing sections of county roads paid more on alternative travel options, see the links at the bottom of this page. Annual vignettes are valid from 1.12. previous year to January 31 year following the date marks the annual toll sticker then pays a total of 14 months.

Prices highway signs in Slovenia in 2017

Time / Weight Motorcycles up to 3.5 t and 1,3m on first axis up to 3.5 t and over 1,3m on first axis over 3.5 tonnes
Weekly 7.5 EUR 15 EUR 30 EUR toll
Monthly - 30 EUR 60 EUR toll
6 months 30 EUR - - toll
Annual 55 EUR 110 EUR 220 EUR toll

Where to buy Slovenian vignette?

Fees for roads in Slovenia

* Paid sections of roads are marked in green / zoom /