Highway vignettes and tolls in Europe

Looking for highway toll prices in Europe? After a few years of work, we have managed to compile an overview of European countries, including information on toll collection in each country. When grouping content, emphasis was placed on maximizing clarity and ease of verifying the timeliness of information, so links to toll operator sites are provided for each country. In the overview, you can find highway charging tolls, toll gates, as well as those where roads are toll-free or tolls only for some bridges.

European countries

In which countries will you pay tolls?

For easy orientation, you can use the left-hand menu as well as the clickable map of Europe. Countries that do not collect tolls for the passage of motorways but only for the passage of bridges or tunnels are listed on the other states page, and available information is gradually disseminated for the most comprehensive overview. If you are missing any of the newly charged sections on the site, we will be happy to notify you via the contact form.

For those who plan to travel abroad in detail, the menu provides a link to an overview of fuel prices abroad, and links to some of the pages showing the current traffic flow and highway traffic from which traffic conditions can be pre-tracked and planned best time to travel abroad.

Electronic vignettes

The number of countries approaching motorway pricing via electronic highway signs is increasing every year. The advantages of electronic stamps, sometimes referred to as e-vignettes, are primarily available when they can be purchased via the Internet before traveling. As well as classic highway stickers, there are also signs bound to the vehicle license plate and non-transferable. The valid electronic vignette check is performed according to license plate and not according to the sticker on the windscreen.