Highway tolls in Spain

Tolls for toll roads are collected at toll gates on motorways. Charges are levied for the passage of all motor vehicles, motorcycles are included in the same price range as passenger cars. A little complication for non-Spanish-speaking motorists is the autopistas.com information site, which is available only in Spanish and Catalan. To calculate the toll price you can use the map with route planner from autopistas.com or the mobile application autopistas en ruta. ViaT toll system is available for regular users of the Spanish motorway and it is also possible to take advantage of fee discounts in addition to automatic payment.

Frequently searched information and links

  • Electronic toll system with ViaT unit
  • Map of toll motorways from viat.es

Map of the Spanish road network

Toll tunnels are marked on the map. A complete overview of toll motorways can be found at autopistas.com, price calculation can be done on the route planner.