Highway tolls in Portugal

Charging for the passage of motorways in Portugal takes place through toll gates, where there are two types of toll gates, namely manual collection of fees, where you can pay in cash in euros or by credit card, and toll gates, which only accept electronic payment. At toll gates with electronic payment, it is possible to pay via the EasyToll system by pairing the payment card with the vehicle registration number, using a prepaid TollCard or for frequent users of Portuguese motorways designated electronic unit ViaVerde.

Toll payment in Portugal

  • in the country two toll systems - manual and electronic payment
  • at toll gates with manual payment it is possible to pay in cash, by credit card or via the on-board unit
  • at toll gates with electronic payment it is possible to pay by a payment card registered to the vehicle registration number (EasyToll), a prepaid card or an on-board unit

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Map of the Portuguese road network

Map of toll motorways including manual and electronic toll can be found on infraestruturas.maps.arcgis.com