Highway tolls in Croatia

Croatian motorways are charged through tolls that can be paid by cash or credit card at the toll gates directly on the way or via the ETC electronic toll system. If you travel to Croatia more often, I recommend studying the offered toll discounts through the ETC unit. Charges for Croatian motorways also apply to motorcycles in addition to cars, trucks and buses. The toll price calculation can be easily done through the hac.hr and calculator on the map. Detailed information in English including the division of vehicles into price categories and toll road maps can be found on the links below.

Toll collection in Croatia

  • payment for motorways at toll gates
  • categories of cars up to 3.5 t divided according to the height of 1.9 m and the number of axles/trailer
  • approximate price Gruškovje/Macelj (SLO/HR) - Zadar 130 kn for car
  • discounted price when paying via ENC, prepaid package from 380 kn

Frequently searched information and links

Map of Croatian road network

Map of toll roads with the ability to calculate toll rates can be found at hac.hr