Highway vignette Romania

The state roads outside the municipal roads are charged for all vehicles so you can't do without a vignette on your way to Romania. Highway vignettes are sold online on the websites of the dealers and at the usual points of sale. They are available for 1 day (over 3.5 t), 7, 30, 90 days and a 1 year. Information in English are not entirely comprehensive on the site of the Romanian road network administrator but legislation on toll roads and the division of vehicles into price categories is available on the dealer's website. For the best overview in addition to the price of vignettes are links to pages for detailed information also included to content of this site.

Prices of eVignettes in Romania 2023

validity/vehiclepassenger vehicles up to 3,5tlorries up to 3,5tvehicles over 3,5t
vehicles for more tha 9 passengers
7 days€3€6
30 days€7€16more categories, visit the seller's website for info
90 days€13€36

For an overview of how vehicles are categorized and priced, please visit the seller's website roviniete.ro, e-rovinieta.ro

For vehicles over 3.5t and buses there are also vignettes with a validity of 1 day

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The ferries across the Danube between Romania and Bulgaria

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Road network map in Romania

State roads are charged except municipal roads in Romania. English version of the regulations on the roviniete.ro