Highway tolls in Germany

Tolls for motorways are collected only for vehicles above 7.5 tons via the Toll Collect electronic toll collection system in Germany. Detailed information on fees for the passage of vehicles over 7.5 tons can be found at toll-collect.de in most European languages. For vehicles with a maximum permissible weight of up to 3.5 tons is the passage of German motorways currently free, but according to the current plan, charging for these roads should take place from October 2020, when electronic vignettess should be available for drivers.

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Personal vehicles highway toll

The planned date for the start of the toll system for cars in Germany was October 2020. The situation in February 2020 is that the plan for deploying highway tolls for foreign vehicles only has been marked as discriminatory and hence the toll system will likely to be revised and announced date will be shifted. More information can be found at the following links: dw.com - 18.6.2019, dw.com - 22.12.2019, german-way.com.

Map of German road network