Highway vignette Bulgaria

For vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes with four or more wheels is for the passage of selected roads mandatory to pay toll by e-vignette. The toll sections include not only highways, but also a large number of lower class roads, so you probably can't do without a vignette when traveling by car to Bulgaria. Electronic vignettes with the option to purchase over the internet are sold with weekend, week, month, quarter, and year validity. In addition to the Internet and mobile applications, vignettes can also be purchased at the usual points of sale such as gas stations, currency exchange and self-service terminals.

For vehicles over 3.5 tons, as well as for cars, an electronic vignette is designated, but from August 2019 the toll system will be officially launched and the toll payable for vehicles over 3.5 t will be determined by the on-board unit.

Prices of highway vignettes in Bulgaria 2019

validity/vehicleup to 3,5ttrailer for vehicle up to 3,5t with GCWR over 3,5tvehicles over 3,5t
weekend10 BGN10 BGN
weekly15 BGN15 BGN
monthly30 BGN30 BGNvignette
toll unit from August 2019
1/4 year54 BGN54 BGN
annual97 BGN97 BGN

Vignettes for vehicles over 3.5 t are divided according to emission class, prices can be found at web.bgtoll.bg. Toll unit for vehicles over 3,5t from August 2019

Weekend vignette is valid from friday 12pm to sunday 11:59pm, pricelist at web.bgtoll.bg

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Map of Bulgarian roads

For toll roads map see bgtoll.bg