Highway vignette Latvia

There is a fee for motorway passage through electronic vignette in Latvia. The obligation to have a valid vignette on toll roads applies to motor vehicles of category N1 with a total weight from 3001 kg. For vehicles above 3.5t, the price categories are divided according to Euro Emission Class and Axle Number. You can purchase the vignette online or at the usual point of sale as a gas station. Detailed information in English including online purchase, pricing and a list of toll motorways is available at lvvignette.eu.

Vignette prices in Latvia 2024

validity/vehiclevehicles N1 from 3001 kg up to 3500 kgabove 3500 kg
1 day€6
weekly€14according to Euro class and number of axles

See vehicle classification and vignette prices on lvvignette.eu

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