Highway tolls in Norway

Not only motorways but also some lower class roads, bridges and tunnels are charged in Norway. The obligation to pay tolls for the passage of toll roads is valid for cars, trucks and buses, motorcycles have free toll roads in addition to the Atlanterhavs tunnel and ferries. The payment of tolls for foreign vehicles up to 3.5 t takes place via Euro Parking Collection plc and invoices sent to the address of the vehicle owner. For complete overview of your journey through toll sections is recommended register car on the EPC portal before traveling through, you will receive the toll invoice without having to wait until it arrives by post. For toll payment for vehicles over 3,5t is compulsory use electronic toll units.

Frequently searched information and links

  • AutoPASS toll system designed for regular users
  • For vehicles over 3.5t compulsory electronic toll unit
  • Free passage for motobikes except Atlanterhavstunnel and ferry

Map of Norwegian road network