Highway vignette Slovenia

The passage of motorways is charged for both two-track vehicles and motorcycles through a classic highway sticker in Slovenia. Little unusual is division of vehicles into price categories, which are determined by the height of the vehicle above the first axle. For faster and more accurate determination of the vehicle height above the first axle is on the dars.si website available list of measured vehicles and their division into price categories. In addition to motorway pricing tolls is charged Karavanke tunnel at the Austrian border crossing with Slovenia. For payment tolls for vehicles with a maximum weight of over 3.5 tons is intended electronic on-board unit with DarsGo system. See the section below for the validity lengths of the vignettes, their prices, links to detailed information in English and some tips for traveling through Slovenia during the summer months.

Prices of highway stamps in Slovenia for 2021

validity/vehiclemotoryclesvehicles up to 3,5t with height over first axle to 1,3m, camping vehicles regardless of height over first axlevehicles up to 3,5t with height over first axle 1,3m and more
1/2 year€30--

Annual highway vignette is valid from 1.12. previous year to 31.1. the following year, so it's valid for 14 month

Detailed description of the division of vehicles and the list of measured vehicles can be found in the pdf The list of measured vehicles

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By car through Slovenia on vacation

If you are going to travel through Slovenia through Slovenia during busy summer months, in addition to planning a route, it is advisable to trace road traffic information in advance and possibly check current fuel prices.

Slovenia road map

Map of toll roads is available on the pdf map from the Darsi handbook