Highway tolls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

There is a charge for the passage of some motorways through toll gates where tolls can be paid in cash, by credit card or by means of an electronic toll system and an ACC unit in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The obligation to pay tolls for the passage of a toll motorway applies to all motor vehicles including motorcycles. Users of the ACC on-board unit (price 39 KM) receive a 20% bonus when charging their account. The A1 motorway is charged for about 70 km in the vicinity of Sarajava and two about 7 km of the part near the border with Croatia.

Toll collection

  • toll motorway A1 near Sarajevo (70 km) and at the border with Croatia (2x 7 km - Ljubuški and Svilaj)
  • payment at toll gates by cash, credit card or via the ACC on-board unit

Frequently searched information and links

Road map in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Map of toll areas is not available, list of toll roads is available in the price list at jpautoceste.ba