Information on cookies stored by this site

When using this site, cookies are stored in the browser, their list and the possibility of blocking them is shown below.

Google Ads

Google's ad serving system. You can turn off ad personalization that is done through cookies stored when these ads are served on Google. Turning off ad personalization will not disable cookies, I recommend use the browser function to block them.

_opt cookies

cookies that store the settings for the above options and the information bar visibility at the top of the page. These are functional cookies that cannot be blocked through this site to ensure the functionality of the site.

In addition to the options above, cookies can also be deleted or blocked directly in your browser. When we change the data on this page, the information bar at the top of the pages will reappear.


The Javascript library OpenLayers and Tile cache are used for displaying maps. Tile cache is a short php script with a lot of map data in tile png format, which ensures the download, caching and provision of map data and is located on the author's vps page.

Files loaded from external sources

Some Javascript files are loaded with storage that is not owned by the author of these pages. All of these files are loaded from Google's datastorages. These are the files and domains listed below.

  • : Javascript of the advertising system Google AdSense
  • : Javascript of the ReCaptcha service

Site visitors' information, ip address and browser information are used only to create traffic statistics and are not passed on to third parties. In addition to the author of the site, this data may also be accessed by the hosting operator in non-standard cases.
The information and data obtained by the operation is used for monitoring the traffic on the site, checking the functionality and planning of further development of the site, which is carried out only by its author.

Last update: 17.9.2020