Highway tolls in France

Highway tolls are levied at toll gates directly on motorways in France. In addition to motorways several tunnels and bridges are charged in France their locations can be found on the map at the bottom of the page. The obligation to pay tolls for motorway passage applies to all motor vehicles moving on the motorway, including motorcycles, sidecars and tricycles. To calculate the amount of toll for traveling through France you can use easy-to-use calculator with route map on the autoroutes.fr website. On the A4 and A10 motorways at A4 Boulay and A10 Tours Nord are tolls collected using a free flow system. For regular users of the French motorways is available the Liber-t electronic system for toll payment. For more information on toll system in France available before you travel to France see links below.

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Map of highway network in France

The locations of toll tunnels and bridges are marked on the map. To calculate toll cost visit autoroutes.fr