Highway vignette Moldova

The passage of roads with motor vehicles registered abroad is subject to a motorway vignette in Moldova. Vignettes are available for purchase online or via Mpay terminals. The motorway pricing information available on evinieta.gov.md is not very detailed, but there is a purchase form available to identify how are vehicles categorized. The link to online sales and vignette prices for passenger cars is shown below.

Vignette prices for foreign vehicles 2022

validity/vehiclepassenger vehiclepassenger vehicle with trailer
7 days€4€8
15 days€8€16
30 days€16€32
90 days€45€90
180 a more daysprices and validity for all vehicle categories at evinieta.gov.md

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Map of Moldovan road network

There is a charge not only for the passage of motorways, but probably for all roads. Learn more at evinieta.gov.md