Highway vignette Hungary

Hungarian motorways are charged for motorcycles and passenger cars via electronic vignette, which is available online at ematrica.nemzetiutdij.hu. If you do not have the option to purchase vignette via the Internet, you can use one of the usual points of sale as a gas station. Stamps are available for 10 days, month and year. An annual regional vignette is available for drivers who regularly travel only across part of Hungary. The E-Toll electronic on-board unit is designed to pay tolls for vehicles over 3.5 tons for which the toll road map is different.

Prices of e-vignettes in Hungary 2023

motorcycles, passenger vehicles up to 3,5t for max. 7 passengers
vehicles that do not belong into other categories
trailers for vehicles D2, B2
weekly (10 days)HUF 2,750HUF 5,500HUF 8,000HUF 17,730HUF 5,500
monthly HUF 4,450HUF 8,900HUF 12,600HUF 25,150HUF 8,900
annual -HUF 49,190HUF 69,830HUF 228,850HUF 49,190
annual (regional)-HUF 5,720HUF 11,450HUF 22,890HUF 5,720

Trailer e-vignette for vehicles of category D2 and B2 is tied to a vehicle, so it is transferable to another trailer towed by that vehicle

The annual vignette for motorcycles is the same as the one for the D1 category

For a detailed description of vehicle categories see toll-charge.hu

Toll prices are valid from 01.01.2023

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Via Hungarian motorways with e-vignette

The journey through the Hungarian motorways with motorcycle and passenger car is subject to toll in the form of an electronic vignette purchase. For drivers who use the Hungarian motorways on a regular basis, annual vignettes with regional validity are sold in addition to the classic annual vignette, which are especially worthwhile due to their lower price.

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