Highway tolls in United Kingdom

When traveling across the British Isles, a motorway section of the M6 motorway south of Birmingham is charged for motor vehicles, in addition to the motorway you may be charged for crossing some bridges or tunnels. However, the complete list of these places could not be grouped and I don't mention their location for reasons of uncertain timeliness. If you are going to drive to the UK from Central Europe by car, one of the easiest solutions is to utilize train transportation via Eurotunnel leading between French Calais and British Folkestone. The Ultra Low Emission Zone rule and the Congestion Charge charge apply to the entrance to centre of London.

Frequently searched information and links

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  • Fee for transporting a vehicle through the Eurotunnel
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Free flow toll bridges

Toll payment for the bridges (tunnels) listed below takes place via a mobile app, online or through branches mediating payments.

Road network map in the UK

The location of the Eurotunnel and bridges/tunnels with a free flow system are marked on the map.

There is also a charge for the passage of part of the M6 motorway south of Birmingham and some bridges and tunnels.