Vignette, highway toll Romania

As in neighboring countries and in transit, highways in Romania valid toll sticker required. In Romania are available in four vignettes of various lengths and this week, 30 days, 90 days and 12 months and 12 months respectively, even yearly vignettes force is calculated from the date of purchase and not from the beginning of the year as is common in some other States. Going to Romania, where more than one way you can with the floating of the mark effectively plan their purchases and thus significantly saving costs and highway fees. Overview of prices, including maps and tips on motorway sections where tickets can be found below on this page.

Price of stamps in Romania in 2019

Time / Weightcar up to 3.5 t goods vehicle up to 3,5tup to 7,5tup to 12t
Daily - - 4 EUR7 EUR
7 days3 EUR 6 EUR20 EUR35 EUR
30 days7 EUR 16 EUR52 EUR91 EUR
90 days13 EUR 36 EUR120 EUR210 EUR
12 months28 EUR 96 EUR 320 EUR560 EUR

Fees for crossing the bridges over the Danube (indicative only) *

  • Giurgiu - Ruse from 6 EUR
  • Fetesti - Constanta from 11 EUR
  • Giurgeni - Vad ovce from 9 EUR
  • * prices for passenger cars

Where to buy in Romania vignette?

  • Petrol pumps
  • Border crossings
  • Labeled points
  • More information / shop on

Motorway Map